Chris is fascinated by 'The Most Hated Family in The World', meanwhile Luke has a terrible night out and tells the lads about it and Nick has a huge problem with CCTV.

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On this week's show the guys welcome possible TANcast listeners, as well as Rev and Scouser listeners, Chris has a theory about psychic showman Derren Brown, Luke has moved house and Nick attends the final day of Liverpool's Capital of Culture year.

Luke Moo-Movie Reviews 'Role Models' and 'Slumdog Millionaire' as well as previewing several releases which are coming out such as 'Doubt', 'The Wrestler' and more.

Chris terrifies the guys with another ghost story involving a mysterious black biro pen, a bowl of Spag Bol and Arthur the Estate Agent. 
The also guys shoot the breeze on those spoilt brats from the hit TV show 'My Super Sweet Sixteen'. 

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15 weeks in the making, finally He has arrived...Matthew Sewell is guest host on theicepodcast.

Nick quizzes Sewell with the 'Guest's Questions', Chris tells of a a 'deja-vu' moment and Sewell desires a job as an anchorman.

Luke Moo-Movie Reviews 'The Spirit' and the guys discuss 'Slumdog Millionaire', Chris has a terribly scary story for the guys from the tales from the crypt and Sewell does the news of the week.

Ending Track: Bleeding Jim's 'Pillow Lane'

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Welcome to 2009!  Bring in the New Year with theicepodcast; Luke recalls his story of London town and Chris and Nick run scared at the Radisson.

And the latest segment, with Chris's spooky story form the crypt, Luke reviews 'Four Christmasses' which doesn't fair well with Luke's Moo-Movie Reviews.

Chris has some strange news including an experiment with 14 students and a buffet, plus drunk paintballing!

It's all here and they even talk smack on ScreEch from 'Saved by the Bell'.

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Music Track: Core Rhythm-Reloaded