Luke reviews 'He's Just Not That Into You', Nick gives some updates on his life including an old friend form his past returns, his new movie career and his current job situation.

Chris is on Twitter and is back with the strange news, plus another round of 'Would You Rather?'


The guys are back and this time they mean business!

So Nick is complaining more, Luke has like 20 billion movie reviews (including; Frost/Nixon, Bride Wars, The Wrestler, Notorious and many more) and Chris is explaining to a nurse how he is having a big TOE stuck down his throat.  It is only theicepodcast and episode 18, with Alice Cooper opening the show with 'I'm Eighteen'. 

Nick has a new game show 'Would you Rather?' and Chris' Strange News returns!!!

It's, so get in touch... there's no excuse not to; we'd love to hear from you!

Apologies for no show last week and for no photo, however to see artwork of a Titanic 2 movie poster go to and check out the Ice Cubes blog, give us a comment please!

Titanic 2 Trailer


This is a quick mini-podcast by Nick Jackson and Chris Crookall.

Nick explains the 'Lost Episode' incident and he also tells Chris of a theory on Adolf Hitler.

Next week the trio are back with more crazy antics, Strange News and Moo-vie Reviews!