The Ice – Whoopsie Daisy (063) • February 28th, 2010 Another new episode of theicepodcast, recorded on Valentine’s Day, this is the Valentine’s special.  Chris gives some cheesy chat-up lines to help you out with love-sick blues.

Nick discusses filmmaker Kevin Smith being too fat to fly, he also talks about his meeting with film critic Mark Kermode and Luke has horrific dream.

A brand new segment with Auntie Marie’s Wise Words of the Week, plus Chris has a horrifying story about a lady called Melanie Bigson.  Chris talks about his latest comedy play and Nick gives his worthwhile opinion on the bumbling barn-pot Hugh Grant!

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The Ice – theicepodcast meets Matt Adams (062) • February 19th, 2010 Nick and Chris interview Matt Adams, who is a short filmmaker and Senior Agent and Editor of ‘Improv Everywhere’, a comedic performance act that spends its time creating scenes in public.

The group was formed in 2001 by Charlie Todd and Matt Adams has been their from the start, in this exclusive interview he gives much detail of some of the fascinating ‘missions’ his agents have been involved in.  The prank collective have performed many missions, some highlighted in this show.  Matt discusses how they collective have performed live musicals in real-life scenarios (grocery store, food court etc.) as well as creating a time loop in a Starbucks coffee store and an annual ‘No Pants’ subway train ride.

Matt also discusses his own love of film and parody, including his Babbelgum award nominee ‘What is Tragedy?’  In which Matt took to the streets of Brooklyn to find out the public’s definition of a ‘tragedy’.

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The Ice - The Podcast War Begins! (061) • February 13th, 2010 Nick, Luke and Chris “Two Breakfasts” Crookall are back, dicussing Fort Boyard, Peter Andre, online prostitution and more.

Chris’s strange news and Christine Crookall reports live via satellite from the frontline of the Podcast War!  Luke gives us updates on the Superbowl and Chris and Nick premiere their latest parody song.

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The Ice – Sweet as a Nut Mate (060) Back with the goods…Nick finally admits why he left his job as a cinema projectionists, which involves scarring the lives of the young, meanwhile Chris is excited because Dustin “ScreEch” Diamond has written his autobiography and Chris has the scandals ‘Behind The Bell’.

Nemi joins the trio for much banter and discussion and he is joined by his significant other Alex, plus the lads discuss the exciting documentaries by Hardman Danny Dyer and Joe Swash’s investigation into ghosts.

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Next week theicepodcast returns with another edition of theicepodcast meets…Matt Adams.  Matt is a member of the Improv Everywhere group which constantly causes a scene.