February 28 2012 The Ice - The Shocking Announcement (124) (M4A) Enhanced Version)) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 2:27 pm This is the big one, that's right, tonight Luke has a shocking announcement to make!  A big revelation that will shakes the foundation of the podcast as we know it.  Well...it ain't that big, but still quite a difference, an interesting development.  Meanwhile Luke brings back some old favourite games, such as: 'Where's Wall-E?' and of course 'Shitty Movie Title.'

Topics range to discussions on whether or not Chris is a real rude Gus, Chris's donated scarf, Nick talks about Pokemon and Politics (his two fave's), who'd win a fight between Nick and Chris and SModCast discussion briefly!




February 19 2012 The Ice - He was Blottoed! (123) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 11:31 am It's the 123rd Episode of the show and Chris and Nick are about sit done to hear that Luke has some news.  Meanwhile Chris talks off class A drugs, Fowler's Hot 100 goals and Nick reminds everyone of Benjamin Hat...remember?

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January 21 2012 The Ice - The Saturday Diet? (122) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 2:32 pm Chris and Luke are joined by Matthew Sewell and Peter Curran.  Tonight the lads discuss Matthew's eye test, a strange boy who didn't know what an egg was at the age of 14, Chris not getting invited to things, Peter's new year celebrations, unruly behavior at a pantomime, Chris's inability to check his speedometre, and much more.

Plus Peter's new segment 'Corker's'!  In which Peter tells a number of increasingly bad jokes through out the show.  Why?  To fill time! Ha!  Chris and Matthew join forces to give you the best strange news of the week!  Which leads the lads to play a brilliant trick on Luke, who leaves the room whilst recording.