onight on TheIcePodcast… Luke gives his review on films like ‘I Love You Man’ and more…

Nick discusses his ‘light thinning of hair’ and Chris is likened to Christopher Biggins.

It’s banter and brains, after all it’s moderately funny and majorly educational!

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Music Track: Nicholas and Breya - "I Have Found"


On The Ice Podcast Tonight…

Chris, Nick and Luke are back together, apologising for no-show over Easter.  Luke discusses having the mumps and Nick discusses an episode of Living Dead featuring former ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Emmerdale’ star Claire King.

The lads discuss an incident involving the police, Luke starts his new game segment ‘Where’s Wall-E?’ and Chris’s ghost stories make an eerie and disturbing return!  NOT for the faint of heart!

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Tonight on The Ice Podcast…the guys are ruder than usual.

Chris and Luke are joined by Matthew Sewell and Peter Curran, the four lads discuss penis hygiene, hairsprayed armpits and more.

Chris quizzes Sewell, Luke and Peter’s general knowledge and Chris has some strange news for the lads.

Ending Track: Aidan Doyle - Funk 2 Paddy

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The lads muse over the odd sites on the internet, Nick tells of his short career in film and Luke has top 5 albums and a moo-vie review!

Plus more strange news from the week.


Chris has some stories from the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival, Luke meets Dion his new hairdresser and Nick has a terrifying experience being approached by a drunken man.

Weird and wonderful things on the web, meanwhile Nick has another round of 'Would You Rather?'

Music by Tony Pucci: When Heaven Storms