The Ice - Mr. Manager’s Appraisal Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 10:07 am In this video Luke who has recently hired Chris as his new employee, gives him an appraisal of his work...

The Ice - The Psychopath Test (106) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 7:00 am A special episode of The Ice Podcast

The Hare Psychopathy Check List (Revised) (PCL-R) is a twenty question test to determine whether or not an individual is a 'psychopath'. Each item scores up to 2 points, giving a maximum score of 40. It is perhaps the most widespread of such tests, and is used throughout the world.  Tonight Chris and Nick give co-host Luke the big test, play along at home, will Luke score high?

The Ice - Eating the Seat (105) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 1:32 pm Chris Nick and Luke are back...but they're under new identities: Captain Gobs****, Sgt. Soft Sh*** and the General Sillyhead (whose bringing the silliness).

This week Chris joins the gym and tells all about his new fitness regime, he talks about finding a partner in the gym and of difficult bicycle seats.  Meanwhile Nick has lost a lot of weight and is now a huge blob of skin dangling in the air, he talks of a new relationship in his life with a male hairdressing partner.  And another Chris's True Life Story, in which he tries to name film titles of one particular Hollywood A-lister.