The Ice – theicepodcast meets Craig Bevan (080) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 27th, 2010

Chris, Nick and Luke interview singer/songwriter, performer, podcaster, movie expert and an aspiring human-size snail…Craig Bevan.

Craig tells the guys about his finalist position for the St. Helier’s Pop Music Crown 2010 as well as telling all about his brand new album.Craig talks of his love of playing Oasis songs and of following his father’s footsteps.He also has time to wrap up the film ‘The Expendables’ within a minute movie review as well discussing other movies such as ‘Toy Story 3’.

Craig performs live his brand new track ‘I Think We’ve Made It.’

http://www.popmusiccrown.co.uk/ and VOTE for CRAIG, ends 31st August!!!

www.craigbevanmusic.com to check out all things Craig.
The Ice - A 90’s Classic!!! (079) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 22nd, 2010 This week the guys discuss being left out of social situations, Nick has a story from a Music festival and Luke tells all of his weekend away in Wales.

Chris delivers strange news, Nick gives an option of licking Paul Daniel’s head in ‘Would You Rather?’ and Chris gives a spooky ghost story, which will surely give you the creeps!

It’s daft, it’s silly and it is…theicepodcast


The Ice – Stargate My A**E (078) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 15th, 2010

Alex Dearn rejoins Chris, Nick and Luke for this week’s edition.Conversation certainly varies; Chris tells the gang about Aunite Marie’s latest business venture as a Private Investigator.The guys play ‘Who Will Nick Pick for a Picnic’, as well as discussions on Stargate, 2012, Independence Day and Deep Impact.

Chris also delivers his ‘Strange News’, and a True Life Story about a young handsome man Johnny Width.Luke also provides another Moo-vie Review on ‘Inception’, NO SPOILERS HERE.

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The Ice – theicepodcast meets Ross Owen’s Band of Brothers (077) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 7th, 2010

Peter, Chris and Nick meet Ross Owen, Ross is a super fan of Band of Brothers and is currently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the show by getting everybody together for special interviews looking back at filming experience and more.Ross has teamed with Black Sky Radio to get candid comments from the cast, and on this episode you can hear those experiences from actors James Madio (Sgt. Frank Perconte), Dexter Fletcher (SSgt. John Martin) and Shane Taylor (Cpl. Eugene Roe).

Ross talks all things Band of Brothers, even Laurel and Hardy.We learn about the boot camp that the actors trained at before filming, as well as Dexter sharing stories of David Schwimmer and a game of poker, James talks of his experience talking to veteran Sgt. Perconte and Shane discusses the episode Bastogne.

Much thanks to Ross and Black Sky Radio.

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The Ice – Christine and the Cosmo’s (076) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 2nd, 2010

theicepodcast welcomes Peter Curran back to guest host, the lads try to understand the idea of cosmic ordering and Chris calls on someone close to him, very close, his sister; Christine.

Also Chris gives some strange news and new true story about Tim Cruising and his terrible day with a risky business venture at work.Luke celebrates his birthday and Nick wants to know how there’s a cook book for using the microwave?!Another bout of barrels of laughs and ridiculous comments.It’s the only way to waste 40 minutes of your life, so give this a download and have grin and a giggle.

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