• September 25th, 2010 Gretta Mullany, the cousin of Luke’s joins theicepodcast this week, Gretta, a student at Oxford, lets her womanly hair down!

Chris delivers another True Life Story about a boy called Bradley Pitch, Nick brings one beer along for the gang and Luke is baffled by Chris’s new purchase in Wales.

There’s some questions put to Gretta, discussion on sexist iPhone apps and much laughter when the guys discuss Chris’s old bus route, which sounds very worrying.It’s another 40 minutes of daft conversation and silly games.

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The Ice – The Doctor of Toast (082) • September 20th, 2010 Chris, Nick and Luke are back with another packed show.Nick discusses his new favourite band the Lancashire Hotpots and the group discuss overrated singers and indie bands.Another round of ridiculous riddles from Chris, with some strange news and discussions on the ‘tongue face’ emoticon, the orangatang that was kept as a pet and fed on hash browns and sausage rolls.The guys also debate the Pope’s visit, whether Chris looks like Roland from Grange Hill and whether or not toast is Britain’s best-loved smell.

It’s daft, it’s silly and it’s theicepodcast!

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The Ice - Nick, Lies and Videotapes (081) • September 8th, 2010

The guys are back and all the boys are in town.Nick, Luke and Chris are joined by guest hosts Matthew Sewell and Peter Curran.Nick tells another tale of stupidity, as well as a few funny stories where he was caught in a compromising position with women’s shoes.

Chris provides some strange news as well as another True Life story on Helen Brady’s Office (HBO)Well…I’m sure you know where this one’s going…another ridiculous true-life story that once again sounds very familiar.

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The Ice - theicepodcast mocking Derek Acorah • September 6th, 2010 In this video medium and mentalist (literally) Derek Acorah is discussed on theicepodcast.  Audio featuring Chris Crookall and Nick Jackson.