The Ice - theicepodcast meets Brian Ibbott (046) • October 28th, 2009 Chris meets the Podfather of music and gamer podcasts…Brian Ibbott!

Brian Ibbott is the host and producer of ‘Coverville’, ‘Lyrics Undercover’, ‘Not Lame Podcast’, ‘Today in Music History’, ‘Coverville’s Musically Challenged’, ‘Tired Thumbs’ and ‘TPN: The Wii Show’.  Brian’s podcasts have been nominated and won numerous awards, his first podcast ‘Coverville’ is now in its 620th episode, an incredible statement for any podcast to be able to make.  Last year ‘Coverville’ celebrated its 500th episode with a concert in Las Vegas, it has now begun its own spin-off music quiz podcast ‘Musically Challenged’.

Tonight Brian talks to Chris about everything, from being plugged on the Daily Source Code to his opinion on John Candy and Chris Farley.   Brian discusses the start of his podcast career, his first memories of music from his childhood, the Coverville 500 concert, his day-to-day scheduling of podcasting and much more.  Including a ‘Quick-Fire’ questions round.

Music included: Cover song of ‘Cecelia’ by Danny Fong and Co. Cover song of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ by AM/Meiko with Tina Dico.

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Must make a note here, it was Luke's idea for the title of this episode, not Chris's.

The Ice – The Dearn Return (045) • October 26th, 2009 Tonight on theicepodcast…Alex Dearn makes a gracious return to the podcast that started her radio career (well, kinda), Dearn discusses her trip around Europe, Nick ‘Upper Class’ Jackson has a bleeping problem late at night and talks about another crap game show ‘Dating in the Dark’.

Luke is off to a job interview and Chris discusses a previous interview for theicepodcast meets…Brian Ibbott.

They also muse on The Hills, the news and of course the future Panto season…

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The Ice – theicepodcast meets Tony Pucci (044) • October 21st, 2009 Nick Jackson and Chris Crookall get the opportunity to talk to Tony Pucci from the Pollyanna Cowgirl Records Indie Music Podcast.

The guys discuss Tony’s passion for music from his childhood, vinyl music, the early days of songwriting, the process of creating music and his latest charity CD ‘Songs for Jenny’.

Music Tracks: Tony Pucci’s ‘Languish’ from 079 – Unfolding Leah Pinnavaia ‘Your Smile Never Fades’ from Songs for Jenny Harry Flowers ‘Heir Apparent’ from Songs for Jenny

Much thanks to Tony Pucci.

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The Ice - This is THAT Day (043) • October 17th, 2009 This week the guys discuss various topics, they discuss racism in the BBC, after Strictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Beke’s racist remark towards his dancing partner, they bring back up the Carol Thatcher incident and this brings conversation onto ageism within the BBC.

The guys also discuss bad TV programmes like ’60 minute makeover’, ‘Hole in the Wall’ and the silly title for new BBC three show ‘Clever Vs Stupid’.  Conversation over two singing sensations ‘questionable’ comebacks like Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams.  Plus the lads also discuss the death of Boyzone star Stephen Gatley.

Chris has his strange news and Luke gives us another ‘Moo-vie Review’.  Check out… TONY PUCCI on next week’s show, discussing his brand new CD ‘Songs for Jenny’.

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*This episode was reviewed by Podcast Place, check the review here: http://thepodcastplace.com/theicepodcast-review/*

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The Ice – One Year of theicepodcast (042) • October 11th, 2009 A celebration of the podcast, a collection of stories and reminiscence about the past 42 episodes of ‘waffling on’.

Nick discusses a racist slur that happened in the media by the daughter of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  They also discuss why the star trek villains always had pretty simplistic costumes, why shows continuously ask for people’s opinions when they don’t know the full story.

Plus the gang have three popular segments: Nick’s ‘Would You Rather?’ game-show quiz, in which contestants are given two options both as strange as the other and forced to make a choice. Chris has a spooky ghost story, in which a magazine editor of London tourist supplement  was mysteriously found dead in the early 80s.  And Luke takes sail to another far-away country in ‘Where’s Wall-E’, a basic imitation of the popular children’s game-book ‘Where’s Wally?’ or the US version ‘Where’s Waldo?”

The guys want your views heard and stories and banter discussed, feedback however positive or negative the guys want to hear from you!

This episode of the show features art work which will appear to aid you in some aspects of the show.


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The Ice - The Heroes Return (041) • October 5th, 2009

Nick, Luke and Chris return with another hour of podcasting comedy.

The lads explain their four week departure, as well as updating each other with details of their lives.  Luke tells how he has spent too much money on clothes, Chris tells the lads of his many trips to the theatre in his review and Nick has two weeks off work to smile about.

They’re back with an extra long episode, in which banter is ensured, Nick also discusses an incident at work, there is ‘Currys’ with ‘No Worries’ and Nick asks the question ‘why where the aliens in Star Trek wearing shite costumes?’

This is an interactive podcats, this means that photographs will protude from the album artwork, keep an eye out to any referencing as well as sitting back listening to Chris’s news and chilling out with some old friends.

Big mention for Pollyanna Cowgirls Records Podcast and Chris, Nick and Luke highly recommend Tony Pucci, music podcast legend!

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