During this time in late November, theicepodcast are rushing around recording their own show and also helping out the big guy each year.

Hit the link below, trust me, this thing is hours of fun if you want to make your own.



Nick hates people, Luke's in a bubble and Chris has some little known facts; yes - theicepodcast is back again with another near 45 minutes of 3-star comedy!

The guys discuss a night out that they've recently been on  and Luke reviews Max Payne, The House Bunny & Pride and Glory.

Take Money - Planet Asia & F.L.O.

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The guys are back with 007, Luke's Moo-Moo-Movie reviews are back and this week it's Quantum of Solace.

Chris tells of his experience at a Motorhead concert and the guys discuss whether he'd survive as a Hell's Angel.  Luke tries his best at an impression of the monkey in the Coco Pops adverts and Nick gives tips on how to hide an erection!

Plus more of Chris' news stories.

Music: Anti-Hero - More or Less


This week on theicepodcast, the guys discuss Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand’s prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs, they even touch on the most recent incident involving Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Chris tells the guys of an embarrassing moment involving gas problems, Luke changes his name for a hair-cut and Nick has a hard time teaching Chris about American politics.

This episode includes: Chris’s special American Election News and the listeners get a mention too.

Ending track: I got a Crush on Obama -The Obama Girl

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