The Ice - 50 and Bald! (050) • November 30th, 2009 Nick has some hairy problems to deal with, Chris talks of car trouble and Luke’s about to be sick, plus late for the show.

Luke tells of his new job in Hollister, Nick begins a brand new segment to the show, as well as listening to a ‘fishy’ doctor and Chris has some “little known” facts involving the Hawaiian alphabet and more.

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The Ice - Sissy Jupe and Boo Boos (049) • November 23rd, 2009 The lads are back, the show’s two week gap leaves the guys with much catching up to do…

Chris talks of popstar Robbie Williams’ ‘comeback’, he brings back some ‘Little Known Facts’, Nick discusses ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’ and about the new studio for the show.

Nick brings a ‘Would You Rather?’, which is arguably the stupidest one yet and Chris has some strange news.

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The Ice - How To Hide IT! (048) • November 8th, 2009 Tonight the lads bring back some older segments to the show, as Nick hides his erection giving his top tips in a special segment, Luke reviews the film 9 (not to be mistaken with Nine starring Daniel Day Lewis), the lads discuss how films can drag on and also how some film names sound the same like ‘51st State’ and ‘50 First Dates’.  Chris brings back a ‘Ridiculous Riddle’ and another ‘Chris’s Conundrum’ and Luke discusses a friend’s invention that isn’t completely flawless.

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The Ice - Fright Night Halloween (047) • November 3rd, 2009 The ghosts and ghouls come out to deliver the most frightening song in history…it’s a Cliff parody this time.

Nick and Chris host this Halloween special, they discuss mediums, ghosts in a haunted theater and Chris’s previous ghost stories.  Chris presents the ‘Confessions and Possessions of Derek Achora’, a medium on British Television who is famous for his outrageous acts of being possesed by haunted spirits.  The guys listen to Derek’s ‘possessions’ of Francis a ghost who has forgotten his surname, a ghost who is a ‘bad one’, and a ghost who seems to have taken short.

Chris does the Strange Halloween news, the lads get to talk about the new improvements to the show including a great review from ‘The Podcast Place’, the new mid-week show, mentioned on Coverville’s blog, a mention with TANcast.  Chris and nick also chat about ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Mask’ and how film trailers give too much away nowadays.

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Music Tracks:

Al Phillip and The WOO Team- Skeleton Crew


Earl Clifton and The Pin-Ups -My Crazy Woman (Halloween Edition)