These are some photographs that Alex Dearn took at the New Years Eve Special 'The Ice - Peter's Pre-NYE Party Podcast (013)', feel free to comment on our silly photos.


Getting you in the mood for 2009, the only way theicepodcast world could, through laughter and song, hosts Nick Jackson, Luke Wall-E and Chris Crookall are joined by Radio Star Alex Dearn and Musical Maestro Peter Curran!

Chris re-accounts an embarrasing tale dressing up as Father Christmas for his cousins at a family party, Peter denies the possibility of Ric Flair's wrestling retirement and Nick quizzes Peter 'The Fonzie' Curran.

Luke hosts 'Never Mind The Curran-Cocks' as Peter and his guitar play merry music for contestants Chris, Nick and Peter.  Meanwhile Luke and the gang review the films of 2008 and Luke reviews 'Twilight'.

Chris also does the strange news and theicepodcast play the 'Price is Right' with Luke's outfit.

Peter plays us into 2009 with his Disney Medley.

Happy New Year and check out Episode 9 for more of Alex Dearn.

Check out Peter with Stiff Richards performing a cover of Jimi Hendrix's Crosstown Traffic.


Bringing yuletide greeting from the world of theicepodcast.  Nick Jackson, Luke Wall-E and Chris Crookall debate the use of Xmas, is it just lazy language?  They discuss the pregnant man, the top 3 gifts for children and have natter over Chicken Kievs.

Luke Moo-Mo-vie-reviews Transporter 3 and Chris has some strange news including a terrible 'Murder She Wrote' story.

Have a great Christmas, keep safe and sit by the fire and have a good laugh with the lads!

This weeks track

A Band Called Quinn - It's Christmas Time
(This is a fantastic X-mas track!)


Nick complains about text messages and his trip to Paris, Chris and Luke debate the idea of parents on facebook and Chris has some very odd news in store.

The second episode of the special double feature, in which Chris records separately with Nick and Luke, if you want to comment on the show or get in touch go to and click comments on the 'Ice Cubes' page.

Music track: 'Lets All Pretend it's Christmas' by Dogs Must Be Carried


An unusual double episode this week, both Luke and Nick have separate conversations with Chris, however, the guys discuss Dale Winton and game shows, Chris informs Luke of the details surrounding the British Comedy Awards.  Also Luke reviews 5 films, including his first 5 star (milkshake) review.

Get in touch and have your opinion read out on air, go to and comment on the Ice Cubes blog.

Black Bomani - Life in the Sunshine


From 'The Rev and the Scouser' show Alex Dearn joins the guys for the ninth episode of the show.

The Guys get into some 'Barney Rubble' at a party on Friday night, Luke is lost on a drunken night out and Alex Dearn is in the hot seat for 'The Inside the Actor's Studio' questions.

Luke moo-movie reviews 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' and 'High School Musical 3' and Chris does the news!

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Guilty by Association - Just Like Jesse James