The Ice - Christmas and Clarinets (054) • December 21st, 2009 Yuletide cheer is in order for this 40 minute episode of theicepodcast, Alex Dearn joins Nick, Luke and Chris for fun and frolics.

The guys discuss the image of Santa, as many people feel as though he promotes drink-driving and obesity, the guys debate how valid this is.  They also discuss the British electrician who celebrates Christmas each and every day, the guys talk about the pantomime season, naked rugby players, transport, bullying and much more.

Dearn is quizzed on how well she knows British and Australian sitcoms, she also is given a special music quiz ‘Chris or Clarinet?’  But which will she choose?

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Thank-you for listening to this episode and spending your time in the company of theicepodcast gang, have a great christmas and see you for the new year show.
The Ice - The Wall-E Bros (053) • December 14th, 2009 Tonight Luke’s older brother Michael joins the trio, Chris discusses the strange phenomenon of time slips, Michael confesses a third Wall-E brother and Nick quizzes his looks compared to Twilight’s pasty-faced main characters.

Michael is asked the important questions, the Wall-E bros are quizzed about how well they know each other and Nick gives us another dose of ‘Would You Rather?’

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The Ice - Earth Vs Farts (052) • December 10th, 2009 The 52nd episode receives a celebration,52 weeks in year, therefore this is another episode to fill the year.  The lads are back to have much laughter, Nick learns some important facts about ostriches and a quick french lesson is in order from Chris, plus Luke makes life harder for Chris.

Nick bring back ‘Would You Rather?” and Chris gives the guys some ‘little’ known facts.  There is also much banter about Strictly Come Dancing, album artworks, Ben & Jerry’s manager and stage fright and urination.

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The Ice – theicepodcast meets Joel Gunz (051) • December 2nd, 2009 The Hitchcock geek Joel Gunz joins the guys this week to discuss everything about filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, from his famous cameos to his voyeuristic tendencies in his filmmaking style.

Joel Gunz blog ;‘The Hitchcock Geek,’ has been visited by thousands of people all around the world, some are Hitchcock fans and others are Hitchcock experts, who they themselves find Joel’s film analysis of a very high standard.

“This guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Hitchcock.” – Dan Mecca, co-founder, The Film Stage

“Great Hitchcock site…. Your reading of Notorious makes this already near perfect film more touching.” –    Dan Auiler, author, Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic and Hitchcock’s Notebooks

Joel’s knowledge on Hithcock recently led him to Broadway to do a question and answer section after the performance of the recently adapted stage play of ‘The 39 Steps’.

Joel believes that ‘Hitch’ will go down in history as the Shakespeare of the 20th Century…and after this interview you will find it hard to disagree.

So sit back and listen to some fascinating insights into arguably the greatest filmmaker of all time by the official Hitchcock Geek. www.theicepodcast.com theicepodcast@hotmail.co.uk www.alfredhitchcockgeek.com