The Ice - Fright Night Halloween (047) • November 3rd, 2009 The ghosts and ghouls come out to deliver the most frightening song in history…it’s a Cliff parody this time.

Nick and Chris host this Halloween special, they discuss mediums, ghosts in a haunted theater and Chris’s previous ghost stories.  Chris presents the ‘Confessions and Possessions of Derek Achora’, a medium on British Television who is famous for his outrageous acts of being possesed by haunted spirits.  The guys listen to Derek’s ‘possessions’ of Francis a ghost who has forgotten his surname, a ghost who is a ‘bad one’, and a ghost who seems to have taken short.

Chris does the Strange Halloween news, the lads get to talk about the new improvements to the show including a great review from ‘The Podcast Place’, the new mid-week show, mentioned on Coverville’s blog, a mention with TANcast.  Chris and nick also chat about ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Mask’ and how film trailers give too much away nowadays.

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Music Tracks:

Al Phillip and The WOO Team- Skeleton Crew


Earl Clifton and The Pin-Ups -My Crazy Woman (Halloween Edition)