The Ice - 3rd Year Anniversary (115) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 7:31 pm This is the 3rd year anniversary and the guys are bringing you a whole new look and feel to the show.  DELI BEATS provides a fantastic intro, check them out here: http://delibeatsblog.tumblr.com/

Chris brings us another reading form his diary, this week Chris reads a passage from his days as a 'wannabe-spy'.  Nick has an encounter with a homeless lady and Luke hears the opinions of Lars Von Trier's new film 'Melancholia'.

Once again we both with Big Brother news and sound bites, Chris also brings some strange news.  ALSO at the end of the show we bring you some outtakes from this week's episode.

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The Ice - 2 Year Anniversary (085) • October 11th, 2010 This episode marks the 2nd Year Anniversary for theicepodcast.Originally in 2008 the guys got together to have fun putting the conversations and daft segments on podbean.Over the last two years the show has gone from strength to strength, they’ve had some fantastic guests on, live music and much fun banter as well.The guys are proud to be continuing their work and in this episode they listen to anniversary messages as well as commenting on the week and much more.

Nick discusses the time he saw male genitals on Morning Television, Luke discusses photographing veteran actor Richard Wilson for a competition and Chris comments on some stupid statements by Peter Andre.The guys also discuss the strange news of the week and much more.Plus there’s another memorable True Life Story for your listening pleasure, so check out Chris’s Morgan Fourman tale.

Much thanks: Peter Curran, Alex Dearn, Matthew Sewell, Michael Wall-E, Gretta Mullany, Nnaemeka Osuji, Christine Crookall, Auntie Marie, Tony Pucci, Brian Ibbott, Joel Gunz, Masters of None, Lamar Holley, James Perry, Alan Corey, Matt Adams, Craig Bevan, Ross Owen, David John and the G.M.


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The Ice – One Year of theicepodcast (042) • October 11th, 2009 A celebration of the podcast, a collection of stories and reminiscence about the past 42 episodes of ‘waffling on’.

Nick discusses a racist slur that happened in the media by the daughter of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  They also discuss why the star trek villains always had pretty simplistic costumes, why shows continuously ask for people’s opinions when they don’t know the full story.

Plus the gang have three popular segments: Nick’s ‘Would You Rather?’ game-show quiz, in which contestants are given two options both as strange as the other and forced to make a choice. Chris has a spooky ghost story, in which a magazine editor of London tourist supplement  was mysteriously found dead in the early 80s.  And Luke takes sail to another far-away country in ‘Where’s Wall-E’, a basic imitation of the popular children’s game-book ‘Where’s Wally?’ or the US version ‘Where’s Waldo?”

The guys want your views heard and stories and banter discussed, feedback however positive or negative the guys want to hear from you!

This episode of the show features art work which will appear to aid you in some aspects of the show.


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