The Ice – theicepodcast meets Ross Owen’s Band of Brothers (077) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 7th, 2010

Peter, Chris and Nick meet Ross Owen, Ross is a super fan of Band of Brothers and is currently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the show by getting everybody together for special interviews looking back at filming experience and more.Ross has teamed with Black Sky Radio to get candid comments from the cast, and on this episode you can hear those experiences from actors James Madio (Sgt. Frank Perconte), Dexter Fletcher (SSgt. John Martin) and Shane Taylor (Cpl. Eugene Roe).

Ross talks all things Band of Brothers, even Laurel and Hardy.We learn about the boot camp that the actors trained at before filming, as well as Dexter sharing stories of David Schwimmer and a game of poker, James talks of his experience talking to veteran Sgt. Perconte and Shane discusses the episode Bastogne.

Much thanks to Ross and Black Sky Radio.

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