The Ice – Raise The Dead (065) • March 13th, 2010 Chris provides us with entertainment news, was Jesus a homosexual?  Well, Elton John thinks so, the guys discuss the family guy/Sarah Palin issue as well as some dreamy bastards from hell!

Chris provides the guys with some ridiculous riddles, big shout outs are mentioned as well as Auntie Marie’s Wise Words of the week.

Thanks to Little Miss Lonely hearts for 5 star review on itunes Thanks to Tim Babb’s review as well Thanks to Coverville’s Brian Ibbott for the big mention on episode 651 of Coverville. Thanks and welcome back to Joey Day and Jdaze gang. Congrats to Tony Pucci and simply syndicated partnership!

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The Ice - theicepodcast meets Brian Ibbott (046) • October 28th, 2009 Chris meets the Podfather of music and gamer podcasts…Brian Ibbott!

Brian Ibbott is the host and producer of ‘Coverville’, ‘Lyrics Undercover’, ‘Not Lame Podcast’, ‘Today in Music History’, ‘Coverville’s Musically Challenged’, ‘Tired Thumbs’ and ‘TPN: The Wii Show’.  Brian’s podcasts have been nominated and won numerous awards, his first podcast ‘Coverville’ is now in its 620th episode, an incredible statement for any podcast to be able to make.  Last year ‘Coverville’ celebrated its 500th episode with a concert in Las Vegas, it has now begun its own spin-off music quiz podcast ‘Musically Challenged’.

Tonight Brian talks to Chris about everything, from being plugged on the Daily Source Code to his opinion on John Candy and Chris Farley.   Brian discusses the start of his podcast career, his first memories of music from his childhood, the Coverville 500 concert, his day-to-day scheduling of podcasting and much more.  Including a ‘Quick-Fire’ questions round.

Music included: Cover song of ‘Cecelia’ by Danny Fong and Co. Cover song of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ by AM/Meiko with Tina Dico.

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