The Ice - New Year’s Hootenanny (120)) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 8:34 am Welcome to Jools Holland's...oh wait...scrap that! Welcome to The Ice Podcast's Hootenany Episode.  We feature some live music and previously recorded musc from some of our musically gifted and talented friends.  Our American buddy Lamar Holley, the terrrific Tony Pucci, some powerful musical arrangements from James Perry, Leeds's lad Craig Bevan and our very own Peter Curran with a brand new medley of Disney songs!

This is the only way to rejoice as a New Year is now upon us!  So let's rock and roll

The Ice – theicepodcast meets Craig Bevan (080) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 27th, 2010

Chris, Nick and Luke interview singer/songwriter, performer, podcaster, movie expert and an aspiring human-size snail…Craig Bevan.

Craig tells the guys about his finalist position for the St. Helier’s Pop Music Crown 2010 as well as telling all about his brand new album.Craig talks of his love of playing Oasis songs and of following his father’s footsteps.He also has time to wrap up the film ‘The Expendables’ within a minute movie review as well discussing other movies such as ‘Toy Story 3’.

Craig performs live his brand new track ‘I Think We’ve Made It.’

http://www.popmusiccrown.co.uk/ and VOTE for CRAIG, ends 31st August!!!

www.craigbevanmusic.com to check out all things Craig.