The Ice – theicepodcast meets David John (084) • October 6th, 2010

Imagine the power of Motown-inspired songwriting, combined with with an international pop appeal. With the release of the new album from Glasgow-born David John, we experience artistry at its best.Tonight theicepodcast have the privilege to talk to David John, he’s hot off tour with 50 Cent and he’s mingling with Paolo Nutini, P.Diddy and now he’s talking about climbing the ladder of pop music.

Track List:

1.Mr Fantastic

2.How Did You Find Out

3.Try Again

4.Mrs Vegas

Check him out:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/realdavidjohn




The Ice - On The Hole (036) • July 25th, 2009 Tonight on theicepodcast…

Luke Movie reviews ‘Bruno’ and ‘Public Enemies’, he also dicusses money problems and how he had a nice surprise at the bank.

Nick contemplates saving somebody’s life and has an embarrassing moment with a stripper.

Chris is hooked on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and officially states that it’s the new ‘Friends’.

From discussing ‘oddballs’ to ‘what the puck?’, the three amigos shoot the breeze over anything and everything.  So grab a dirnk, or put this on whilst a long drive home, the lads are back!

With the help of photo artwork you can play along with Luke’s ‘Price is Right’, check out the site www.theicepodcast.com

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