The Ice - Elephant Tranquilisers (075)

Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on July 26th, 2010

Peter Curran joins the show this week for a return episode.Chris has been discharged from hospital and gives accounts on the ‘characters’ he met as well as his morphine experiences.Nick discovers that a certain designer clothing line use to provide the SS with their uniforms.Luke witnesses a kidnapping whilst on holiday in Turkey and finds he’s lost in translation with his Turkish travel companions.

Chris brings another dose of ‘Strange News’ as well as a very daft ghost story (try and spot where the ghost is!), which may sound very familiar to you all.Plus the lads comment on the Mel Gibson mad phone calls, but then again…we all are at the moment.But, hey! At least we’re current.

Check out Tony Pucci’s Fatal Interview podcast, this week Chris appears talking to Tony about his life and his hometown of Liverpool, England.And huge thanks for downloading, go ahead and subscribe and feel free to get in touch if you have any stories or embarrassing tales to tell the show at theicepodcast@hotmail.co.uk

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