The Ice – The Best of ‘021’ – ‘039’ (040) • September 10th, 2009

The Ice Podcast began in October 2008, it was formed by three friends who felt as though their stories and conversation was worth putting to tape.  Nick “Action” Jackson, Luke Wall-E and Chris Crookall host a regular weekly (sometimes twice a month) conversational comedy podcast, in which they discuss their problems, share stories, read odd news articles, ghost stories and play ridiculous games such as ‘Where’s Wall-E (similar to the popular 90s book-game ‘Where’s Wally’) and games like ‘Would You Rather?’  In which Nick gives two very strange and unrelated ways of living to the gang and they need to choose their favourite (or usually the least worst).

This episode of ‘theicepodcast’ is a celebration of the podcasts success and a thank-you for the fans who have been apart of the journey.  This edited version of the show has the hosts best bits, favourite audio bites, funnest segments and their funniest stories.  Sit back on a long car journey or just chill out whilst sat at home and allow the three guys to welcome you in with their stories from leaving a shop without paying to a drunk German mayor driving you home.

On this hour special you’ll hear the voices of Nick Jackson, Luke Wall-E, Chris Crookall, Matthew Sewell and Peter Curran.

This is The Ice Podcast and this is the very best of episodes 21 – 39.

This episode does feature chapters, in order for you to skip between stories and comedy segments.

Listen Now:
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