The Ice - The Heroes Return (041) • October 5th, 2009

Nick, Luke and Chris return with another hour of podcasting comedy.

The lads explain their four week departure, as well as updating each other with details of their lives.  Luke tells how he has spent too much money on clothes, Chris tells the lads of his many trips to the theatre in his review and Nick has two weeks off work to smile about.

They’re back with an extra long episode, in which banter is ensured, Nick also discusses an incident at work, there is ‘Currys’ with ‘No Worries’ and Nick asks the question ‘why where the aliens in Star Trek wearing shite costumes?’

This is an interactive podcats, this means that photographs will protude from the album artwork, keep an eye out to any referencing as well as sitting back listening to Chris’s news and chilling out with some old friends.

Big mention for Pollyanna Cowgirls Records Podcast and Chris, Nick and Luke highly recommend Tony Pucci, music podcast legend!, chill out and check out!

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