The Ice – theicepodcast meets Matt Adams (062) • February 19th, 2010 Nick and Chris interview Matt Adams, who is a short filmmaker and Senior Agent and Editor of ‘Improv Everywhere’, a comedic performance act that spends its time creating scenes in public.

The group was formed in 2001 by Charlie Todd and Matt Adams has been their from the start, in this exclusive interview he gives much detail of some of the fascinating ‘missions’ his agents have been involved in.  The prank collective have performed many missions, some highlighted in this show.  Matt discusses how they collective have performed live musicals in real-life scenarios (grocery store, food court etc.) as well as creating a time loop in a Starbucks coffee store and an annual ‘No Pants’ subway train ride.

Matt also discusses his own love of film and parody, including his Babbelgum award nominee ‘What is Tragedy?’  In which Matt took to the streets of Brooklyn to find out the public’s definition of a ‘tragedy’.

To check out Matt’s website: http://www.mattadamsapple.com/

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