The Ice - theicepodcast meets Masters of None (071) Chris and Luke meet Jay, Mike and Art from the ‘Masters of None’ podcast.  The Masters tell the guys how they began in podcasting, where they started in radio and why they love movies so much.  On their show the Masters of None take pride in answering the bigger questions in life such as; whose better Biggie or Tupac?  Whose the greatest movie character of all time?  Who wins Batman or Superman?  So the guys put some heavy duty questions to the masters in a round of ‘Would You Rather?’

Check out the Masters of None  SEASON 1 boxset. In this complete set you not only get the first 16 podcast episodes, but you also get the three quick shows that include interviews with Kevin Smith and Jim Cramer. There is the famous Crayon Show and a lost We Know Celebrities. The icing on the cake is the exclusive video show of Worst Beers.



The Masters of None are the 8th group to be interviewed in theicepodcast meets series, so why not try out other featured episodes with Coverville’s Brian Ibbott (044), PCOW’s Tony Pucci (044), author and self-made millionaire by 30 Alan Corey (064) and editor and agent of prank collective ‘Improv Everywhere’ Matt Adams (062).  Thanks for listening, subscribe for more.