Nick tests out the lads 'Rhyme Time' in his brand new game "Crime to Rhyme", so play along and if you get any other rhymes comment below.

Chris is busy with Egg Custard and forgets to pay his bill, meanwhile Luke is a 'socialite' and has a story with no ending!

Matthew Sewell joins the threesome this week to help out and pitch in, this is theicepodcast and this is episode 22.

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Steffen Coonan with 'TV ad classical' playing the show out!


From 'The Rev and the Scouser' show Alex Dearn joins the guys for the ninth episode of the show.

The Guys get into some 'Barney Rubble' at a party on Friday night, Luke is lost on a drunken night out and Alex Dearn is in the hot seat for 'The Inside the Actor's Studio' questions.

Luke moo-movie reviews 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' and 'High School Musical 3' and Chris does the news!

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Guilty by Association - Just Like Jesse James