October 19 2011 The Ice - Hot Pants in Majorca (116) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 6:33 pm Chris and Luke have returned from Matthew's place in Spain.  This week Daniel and Nick hear of the antics including Chris's embarrassing incident with the Commitee.  Sewell is pleased Chris relaxed and had a few drinks, he blames Nick for Chris's stress levels.  The lads go to the worst bar in Majorca and Chris invents his own board game. Also get set for more Ridicculous Riddles with Daniel Prescott.

Strange News and Matthew's own film review featured.

The Ice - Whose Nan Is It Anyway? (055) • January 4th, 2010

A new year and a new impression from Nick, as he co-hosts with Luke, Chris and special guest host Matthew Sewell.

Chris looks back at the celebrity careers that have died in 2009, as they look at Matt Horne, Lindsay Lohan and even Jack Nicholson.  Nick gets a few texts from an unknown and the guys decide to give the unknown a live call, as the mystery is revealed.  Derek Achora makes another audio appearance, as he shows off his ‘psychic’ skills in his hometown.

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We’d like to just apologise for the phone interference during an impromptu phone call that just happened off the cuff, thanks for listening.

Tonight on The Ice Podcast…the guys are ruder than usual.

Chris and Luke are joined by Matthew Sewell and Peter Curran, the four lads discuss penis hygiene, hairsprayed armpits and more.

Chris quizzes Sewell, Luke and Peter’s general knowledge and Chris has some strange news for the lads.

Ending Track: Aidan Doyle - Funk 2 Paddy

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Nick tests out the lads 'Rhyme Time' in his brand new game "Crime to Rhyme", so play along and if you get any other rhymes comment below.

Chris is busy with Egg Custard and forgets to pay his bill, meanwhile Luke is a 'socialite' and has a story with no ending!

Matthew Sewell joins the threesome this week to help out and pitch in, this is theicepodcast and this is episode 22.

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Steffen Coonan with 'TV ad classical' playing the show out!


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Conversational comedy podcast and this is the best of episodes 001-019.


Highlights include Chris's Diary, Luke's first movie review and Nick quizzes the 'Best of the Guests'.

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15 weeks in the making, finally He has arrived...Matthew Sewell is guest host on theicepodcast.

Nick quizzes Sewell with the 'Guest's Questions', Chris tells of a a 'deja-vu' moment and Sewell desires a job as an anchorman.

Luke Moo-Movie Reviews 'The Spirit' and the guys discuss 'Slumdog Millionaire', Chris has a terribly scary story for the guys from the tales from the crypt and Sewell does the news of the week.

Ending Track: Bleeding Jim's 'Pillow Lane'

To check out previous guest hosts Alex Dearn and Peter Curran go to episode 009 and 013.

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