The Ice - Sissy Jupe and Boo Boos (049) • November 23rd, 2009 The lads are back, the show’s two week gap leaves the guys with much catching up to do…

Chris talks of popstar Robbie Williams’ ‘comeback’, he brings back some ‘Little Known Facts’, Nick discusses ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’ and about the new studio for the show.

Nick brings a ‘Would You Rather?’, which is arguably the stupidest one yet and Chris has some strange news.

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NEXT WEEK: The 50th Episode, also in the coming weeks “theicepodcast meets…” will be airing another interview.
The Ice - This is THAT Day (043) • October 17th, 2009 This week the guys discuss various topics, they discuss racism in the BBC, after Strictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Beke’s racist remark towards his dancing partner, they bring back up the Carol Thatcher incident and this brings conversation onto ageism within the BBC.

The guys also discuss bad TV programmes like ’60 minute makeover’, ‘Hole in the Wall’ and the silly title for new BBC three show ‘Clever Vs Stupid’.  Conversation over two singing sensations ‘questionable’ comebacks like Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams.  Plus the lads also discuss the death of Boyzone star Stephen Gatley.

Chris has his strange news and Luke gives us another ‘Moo-vie Review’.  Check out… TONY PUCCI on next week’s show, discussing his brand new CD ‘Songs for Jenny’.

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