May 1 2012 The Ice - Polar Bear as a Pet? (128) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 4:07 pm This week the guys are finally joined by Ann Grindley, from local radio, the guys test her knowledge in a brand new segment 'Ann or a Man?'  There's also another update on Luke Wall-E, the guys talk about the former hosts's recent shenanigans in Australia.  Nick talks about a couple who have the misfortune of losing the door on their house, and the guys order in some food!

With more strange news and another round of 'Shitty Movie Title' this is definitely worth a listen.

Starring Chris, Nick, Danny, Ann and Steph Lloyd.

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The Ice - Time to Celebrate! (100) • April 6th, 2011 It's the 100th episode of The Ice Podcast, so...what's involved?  Well Chris gives another True Life Story, Luke talks about his new career and Nick makes a fool out of Chris.

This week we bring you the final Shitty Movie Title in the series and Peter Curran makes his final appearance on the show for a while.  This epsiode is sponsored by HiFi Headphones @

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Where is Wall-e?  He can see the time from this particular location, he was on the 'dog and bone' eating a 'ruby murray' and he bought olympic tickets for the location he's at.

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The Ice - Ruby Murray with Edwina Curry (099) • March 23rd, 2011 A week before the big one and the guys are together to give Luke another Shitty Movie Title, this time sent in by Jamie Finn.  Thanks Jamie.  A big Happy Birthday to the Moon!

Nick discusses his new Hashtagging love as he becomes a human Twitter account, Chris wants to become a real life detective and finds gadgets online to use.  Luke gives us another update on the big competition 'Where's Wall-E?' In which you could win a free set of quality earphones and once again listen out to the PROMO CODE for 20% OFF on Sound MAGIC products on Hifi Headphones...hit and hit the earphone logo on the home page.

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The Ice - Wagons Smashed, Horses Dead, Road ahead is uncertain… (096) Tonight the guys discuss all things from Luke becoming a paramedic even to Chris's shitty summer.  And speaking of shitty's another round of 'Shitty Movie Title'.  With strange news and even stranger, it's another 36 minutes of ice cool banter...