The Ice - Mr. Manager’s Appraisal Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 10:07 am In this video Luke who has recently hired Chris as his new employee, gives him an appraisal of his work...

The Ice - A Moustache and a Male Friend (091) Welcome to 2011, that's right...theicepodcast voted in the Top Ten Best Personality for European Podcast Awards is back!

Nick rounds the troops including new addition Danny Prescott aswell as regular co-hosts Luke Wall-E, Chris Crookall and Guest Host extraordinaire Peter Curran.  Nick is locked out of the house at three in the morning, Luke is mistaken for a homeless man and Danny is stunned to see an old game show host drunk on the streets of Liverpool.

It's also time for another round of that 'Shitty Movie Title'.  This week's...'That Sinking Feeling'

The Ice - theicepodcast mocking Derek Acorah • September 6th, 2010 In this video medium and mentalist (literally) Derek Acorah is discussed on theicepodcast.  Audio featuring Chris Crookall and Nick Jackson.
The Ice - A 90’s Classic!!! (079) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 22nd, 2010 This week the guys discuss being left out of social situations, Nick has a story from a Music festival and Luke tells all of his weekend away in Wales.

Chris delivers strange news, Nick gives an option of licking Paul Daniel’s head in ‘Would You Rather?’ and Chris gives a spooky ghost story, which will surely give you the creeps!

It’s daft, it’s silly and it is…theicepodcast

The Ice – Christine and the Cosmo’s (076) Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on August 2nd, 2010

theicepodcast welcomes Peter Curran back to guest host, the lads try to understand the idea of cosmic ordering and Chris calls on someone close to him, very close, his sister; Christine.

Also Chris gives some strange news and new true story about Tim Cruising and his terrible day with a risky business venture at work.Luke celebrates his birthday and Nick wants to know how there’s a cook book for using the microwave?!Another bout of barrels of laughs and ridiculous comments.It’s the only way to waste 40 minutes of your life, so give this a download and have grin and a giggle.

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The Ice - Elephant Tranquilisers (075)

Posted in Uncategorized by theicepodcast on July 26th, 2010

Peter Curran joins the show this week for a return episode.Chris has been discharged from hospital and gives accounts on the ‘characters’ he met as well as his morphine experiences.Nick discovers that a certain designer clothing line use to provide the SS with their uniforms.Luke witnesses a kidnapping whilst on holiday in Turkey and finds he’s lost in translation with his Turkish travel companions.

Chris brings another dose of ‘Strange News’ as well as a very daft ghost story (try and spot where the ghost is!), which may sound very familiar to you all.Plus the lads comment on the Mel Gibson mad phone calls, but then again…we all are at the moment.But, hey! At least we’re current.

Check out Tony Pucci’s Fatal Interview podcast, this week Chris appears talking to Tony about his life and his hometown of Liverpool, England.And huge thanks for downloading, go ahead and subscribe and feel free to get in touch if you have any stories or embarrassing tales to tell the show at

Superman Fan Podcast

Billy Hogan

An Apotheosis of a Bombast

Elton McManus and Scott Copperman

And the superb GBSR
A teaser trailer to the brand new short film that Nick Jackson and Chris Crookall, the hosts of theicepodcast have been working on.  Look out for the cameo appearances made by them both.

The film is about a woman’s struggle with a rare condition, it stars Terri Reddin, Kelly Forshaw and James Johnson from the hit film ‘Nowhere Boy’

Watch Trailer Now!
The Ice - theicepodcast meets Masters of None (071) Chris and Luke meet Jay, Mike and Art from the ‘Masters of None’ podcast.  The Masters tell the guys how they began in podcasting, where they started in radio and why they love movies so much.  On their show the Masters of None take pride in answering the bigger questions in life such as; whose better Biggie or Tupac?  Whose the greatest movie character of all time?  Who wins Batman or Superman?  So the guys put some heavy duty questions to the masters in a round of ‘Would You Rather?’

Check out the Masters of None  SEASON 1 boxset. In this complete set you not only get the first 16 podcast episodes, but you also get the three quick shows that include interviews with Kevin Smith and Jim Cramer. There is the famous Crayon Show and a lost We Know Celebrities. The icing on the cake is the exclusive video show of Worst Beers.

The Masters of None are the 8th group to be interviewed in theicepodcast meets series, so why not try out other featured episodes with Coverville’s Brian Ibbott (044), PCOW’s Tony Pucci (044), author and self-made millionaire by 30 Alan Corey (064) and editor and agent of prank collective ‘Improv Everywhere’ Matt Adams (062).  Thanks for listening, subscribe for more.
The Ice – Sweet as a Nut Mate (060) Back with the goods…Nick finally admits why he left his job as a cinema projectionists, which involves scarring the lives of the young, meanwhile Chris is excited because Dustin “ScreEch” Diamond has written his autobiography and Chris has the scandals ‘Behind The Bell’.

Nemi joins the trio for much banter and discussion and he is joined by his significant other Alex, plus the lads discuss the exciting documentaries by Hardman Danny Dyer and Joe Swash’s investigation into ghosts.

Check out the album artwork as the show progresses, get in touch and get involved with theicepodcast.

Next week theicepodcast returns with another edition of theicepodcast meets…Matt Adams.  Matt is a member of the Improv Everywhere group which constantly causes a scene.