The Ice - New Year’s Hootenanny (120)) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 8:34 am Welcome to Jools Holland's...oh wait...scrap that! Welcome to The Ice Podcast's Hootenany Episode.  We feature some live music and previously recorded musc from some of our musically gifted and talented friends.  Our American buddy Lamar Holley, the terrrific Tony Pucci, some powerful musical arrangements from James Perry, Leeds's lad Craig Bevan and our very own Peter Curran with a brand new medley of Disney songs!

This is the only way to rejoice as a New Year is now upon us!  So let's rock and roll

The Ice – Raise The Dead (065) • March 13th, 2010 Chris provides us with entertainment news, was Jesus a homosexual?  Well, Elton John thinks so, the guys discuss the family guy/Sarah Palin issue as well as some dreamy bastards from hell!

Chris provides the guys with some ridiculous riddles, big shout outs are mentioned as well as Auntie Marie’s Wise Words of the week.

Thanks to Little Miss Lonely hearts for 5 star review on itunes Thanks to Tim Babb’s review as well Thanks to Coverville’s Brian Ibbott for the big mention on episode 651 of Coverville. Thanks and welcome back to Joey Day and Jdaze gang. Congrats to Tony Pucci and simply syndicated partnership!

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The Ice – theicepodcast meets Tony Pucci (044) • October 21st, 2009 Nick Jackson and Chris Crookall get the opportunity to talk to Tony Pucci from the Pollyanna Cowgirl Records Indie Music Podcast.

The guys discuss Tony’s passion for music from his childhood, vinyl music, the early days of songwriting, the process of creating music and his latest charity CD ‘Songs for Jenny’.

Music Tracks: Tony Pucci’s ‘Languish’ from 079 – Unfolding Leah Pinnavaia ‘Your Smile Never Fades’ from Songs for Jenny Harry Flowers ‘Heir Apparent’ from Songs for Jenny

Much thanks to Tony Pucci.

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Chris has some stories from the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival, Luke meets Dion his new hairdresser and Nick has a terrifying experience being approached by a drunken man.

Weird and wonderful things on the web, meanwhile Nick has another round of 'Would You Rather?'

Music by Tony Pucci: When Heaven Storms