The Ice - Morning Room (101) • April 12th, 2011 Tonight the big announcement of the winner's of the huge competition, in which three lucky people won a set of 5 star quality earphones.

On the show tonight Nick discusses the biggest k**bheads who are now on the judging panel for 'Britain's Got Talent', meanwhile Chris is given an opportunity to pick his very own selection of judges.  Nick talks about his big premiere Boxing match, in which all donations are going to charity...and to Nick's hospital bill.  Chris also discusses the 'Write Now' Festival which is taking place from 15th April - 23rd April 2011.  Do get down and check out the 'Write Now' one-act play festival Right Now!

Luke Wall-E finally reveals where he has been hiding in the special competition 'Where's Wall-E?'  And after the last in the series for 'Shi***y Movie Title', we have a new game segment entitled 'Who Are Ya?"  In the game, Nick given a obscure famous person and given three options to why he is famous, two are red herrings and one is indeed the correct answer!

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