The Ice-Sumo Wrestlers are Monsters (002)

They've been unleashed back on Itunes and are shamelessly plugging their own website (which incase you didn't catch it, is 

The Ice Hosts: Nick Jackson, Luke Wall-E and Chris Crookall discuss a range of topics, including embarassing toilet incidents, Japanese sumo-wrestlers, The Blood Brothers and film reviews of Wave and Righteous Kill.

Plus Chris's news and lots more.

Wasting your time so you don't have to!

Music: Blood Brothers-Laser Life.

10/14/2008 09:20:33

Let me write these things.

"Chris' News"
"The Wave"

Song this week was my pick.

Nick's choice next week!

Christopher Crookall
10/14/2008 11:07:24

Oh crap yeah didn't realise i'd spelt embarrassing incorrectly, feel bit of a knob now. But my god I got excited, thought someone had actually commented on this, rather than it being you! lol.

Nick's song pick next week indeed.


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