The Ice - The Best of 091-106 (107) - (mp3.)) Filed under: Uncategorized — theicepodcast @ 8:57 am Edit This This is our latest instalment of The Ice Podcast and it is our selection of Best bits from the past 16 episodes. Nick discusses ‘hastagging’ in the real world and a big mafia mob bust. Luke talks about stealing a small calculator with Chris and how he has a lack of sympathy for many people. Chris finds himself in a difficult situation at a drama festival as well as choosing alternate Britain’s got Talent judges.

Matthew Sewell, Peter Curran and Daniel Prescott guest star, the guys also have their final ‘Shitty Movie Title’ contest, Chris’s Spooky Ghost Story and a batch of Strange News.

Thank-you for listening to the show and downloading this Enhanced version of the podcast, you will be treated with some photos of us guys recording.

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