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Luke has a dream, a strange dream indeed involving 13 Grand and shoe-shopping, Nick fails to impress a work colleague and everyone can't understand why Chris was at the Doctors.

Just grab a beer or switch this on when on a long drive home, ice cool conversation with kick-ass hosts (well that's what they like to think).

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Music: Bischeop Cysnnakil- Father's Smile

10/29/2008 09:35:31 pm

New dream
Me, my friend Luke, my brother and two of my cousins got arrested in space.
I don't know why, but I do remember we had guns to begin with.
they take us to what is essentially a student flat.
Some of the rooms are barred off
One can only be accessed by climbing through a window and falling a fairly significant height.
So I did
there was this woman my mother works with who I haven't seen in a long time.
She's smoking (she doesn't smoke) and says
Why didn't you use the door?
-points in the direction of no door-
That's all I remember.

Went to see my mum in work after a job interview
Guess who I saw.
(Mother's work friend)
How very odd, I know.

Felt you should all hear about that!
Keep listening for this kinda crap, Icicles!!

Christopher Crookall
10/30/2008 02:28:54 am

Lol if you comment one more time lol i swear to the heavens lol.


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