The Podcast Place reviewed a recent episode of the show and it was very nice comments we received, the episode was very much focused on news and entertainment events here in England, which seemed to alienate our poor American reviewer, however he didn't fault our abilities as comedy hosts, he in fact commended us on these aspects.

This is the review below:
"Theicepodcast (and yes, they do spell it as one word), uses the format that is being used by a lot of podcasts these days, in which the host voice their opinion of current News and Entertainment with a bit of humor. I don’t mean to say that in a bad way, really, it’s just what a lot of people are doing these days.

The hosts are Chris Crookall, Nick Jackson and Luke Whalley (WALL-E). They do a very good job at what they do and I think you like/dislike of the show will be whether or not you like the three of them. Personally, I liked them but for me, their talk is a little to English for me. There were times when I, as a American, didn’t know what the heck they were talking about."

Well that was his review, great stuff, comment on the site at the address below:


Morrisey 'Years of Refusal'

Morrissey's latest album is out and theicepodcast has been listening to it all day long!  This is not just a another nice Morrissey album, it's possibly his best album for a long while.  And us icepodcasters aren't the only ones who think that;

"He's settled nicely into his current role as the hipster Sinatra (equal parts cocky crooner and beleaguered dirty uncle), and "Years of Refusal" isn't just the loudest thing Morrissey has done in the '00s, it's also the best." (Los Angeles Times)

"A Morrissey fan is a nice, safe, predictable home to come back to after a hard day of listening to varied, innovative music by artists who have that annoying habit of trying to move forward." (The Guardian)

"RENAISSANCE art is loaded with spooky babies making coded hand gestures for the edification of conspiracy theorists, but never has a reputed virgin been more sadly enigmatic than Morrissey" (The

So here at theicepodcast we think that you should make your own mind up and listen to these two fantastic tracks on the new album!