Jeremy Piven has struck gold with his new fuck toy Girlfriend.

Entourage is a must see show for The Ice crew. Jeremy Piven's perfomace as Ari Gold, the shows hard noised agent, is the greatest thing we've seen on T.V since Ralph Cifaretto's wig fell off on The Sopronos. Ari's insane matcho rants and one line put downs are the hight light for any episode. In fact we watch so much of HBO's flag ship male comedy that Ari feels like one of the gang. There for any Piven news, especially news, for him fucking a tasty blond boom shell must be blogged. This was found on the web pages of 'NY Daily News' -

"Mercury is rising everywhere for Jeremy Piven these days, including his love life. The "Entourage" actor has found a brand-new girlfriend in blond stunner Ashley Chontos, a 23-year-old model-cum-bottle waitress at Mansion NYC who he met at Britney Spears' birthday bash."

Read the whole story for all the details of Privens Playboy life style -