Remember Lauren Bunney?

Lauren Bunney child star of CBBC's Grange Hill got hot. She co starred with The Ice's own Chris Crookall when he was playing Andy every week on are TV's. She is pictured here posing for the your votes. If you she wins she will be include in the 'Blondes Vs. Brunettes' calendar.

The company who are making the calendar say - 

"We're scouting for the UK's freshest aspiring models to feature in a double-edition, all expenses-paid 'Blondes Vs. Brunettes' calendar. 
Shot in June 2009, each calendar will feature the 36 blondes and 36 brunettes with the highest number of fans and both will be available to buy nationwide in WHSmiths, HMV, Amazon. 

Not only will the calendars provide a career springboard, but FCM is reviewed constantly the UK's top newspapers, magazines, and agencies, helping new faces on their way to modelling success. However, FCM has just one rule - no gingers allowed"