Mini Me fucks like a rabbit says Ex-Playboy bunny

The Ice has all ways loved Verne Troyer the actor. His performance as Mini Me is iconic. Since he climbed aboard, Channel 4's flagship reality T.V show, Big Brother a few days ago we've started to find out more and more about Verne Troyer the man. Here are a few things we stumbled across. All for the stories below make Verne Troyer are hero.

The Ice read a News of The World exposé detailing Verne's relashionship with ex-Playboy Bunny Genevieve Gallen. The kiss and tell shows him to be a sex fiend with an alcohol problem.

"...the 2ft 8in tall Celeb Big Brother star took the beauty who would become his wife to HEIGHTS of passion she'd never dreamed of. After he'd hopped on a CHAIR first to reach the bed, of course. Curvy 5ft 6in stunner Genevieve, 36. reveals: "We had to be creative--but because of my yoga experience I could get into the right positions to make it work. And I was soon head over heels in love with Verne.

“We could have sex up to 10 times in a single day. We’d do it for 45 minutes and he would just keep on going as I had orgasm after orgasm
Gernevieve claims the star would knock back up to a litre of vodka and a 12-pack of Budweiser in a single day.
Soon after I met him he almost drank himself to death. I heard he was in hospital and when I got there he was lying in bed covered in vomit and diarrhoea,” - Genevieve

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Troyer's time so far in the Big Brother House has been tame compared to his stint on the Celebrity BB-style US show The Surreal Life in 2005. (After getting drunk) "He removed his clothes, drove off on his mobility scooter and relieved himself against a gym wall."

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If you thought having a public wee on T.V was naughty well thats nothing when compared to making a sex tape with another ex-girlfriend. Don't get to exited a deal to distribute his bedroom fucking has not been hammered out yet but SugarDVD are tiped to buy the rights.