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This is Luke's killer tune track whihc is a record-breaking 72 mins long!!!  Killer baby, killer!
What theicepodcast have been listening to this last month. ...

Since Russell's starring turn in 'Get Him to the Greek', we've been listening to the top tunes from Infant Sorrow.  Daniel's True Love tune is surely tuggin on the heartstring, a real mellow tune by the Gorillaz latest release, with an ace video to boot.  Henry VIII is surely a riddicculous track, but so's Nick's taste in music.  And finally... Soul Asylum's brilliant track with snaps from Kevin Smith's filmography.

  So enjoy the list!

"Songs for Jenny" is an extraordinary CD, both in intent and sound.   
It features original instrumental work by Tony Pucci,
Tim Powles, Ricky Maymi, Stefan Horlitz, Shane Pex and Mark Moldre,
with lyrics and vocals by a great group of talented and kind-hearted musicians. 
The CD is being released on Heyday Records 
and is also available at Projekt Records,
this website, and Tony Pucci's Order Page.
The CD is named after Tony's sister, Jenny, who bravely faced ALS for 5 years. 
All proceeds from the sale of "Songs for Jenny" will go to the ALS Association of Minnesota
with the aim of discovering a cure and caring for the brave people facing ALS