Lilly Allen not sexy but still makes The Ice so Randy.

It took a very long time to find this photo the only one in which Lilly looks hot

Just like Paris Hilton Lilly Allen should not be sexy. Paris is blighted with huge clown feet and strange E.T-like hands. Lilly has had a series of shitty haircuts and suffered from a horrible case of Jafaikan. Yet when you put all of these turns off's together you surprisingly get two very fuck-able females. The two major advances Lilly has over the heiress is firstly talent. A talent that has only revealed itself very recently. Her first few pop efforts such as the ultra annoying "Smile" left TheIcePodcast very cold. "The Fear" the first track to surface from her new album rocks. Its hard to stop playing the video. The other aspect of Allen that trumps Hilton is her outspoken nature just yesterday she said cocaine isn't harmful.

Whether that is true or not is not the point, the fact she had the balls to say it is pretty cool. The Ice loves women with balls. Its not all good art wise; a misguided cover of Britney Spears
"Womanizer" being one horrible crime. Next time try covering a song that was good in the first place.
Click it out -

I know my choice of picture undermines my point but we can't have any ugly blog. To prove my point -

The Fear


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