What theicepodcast have been listening to this last month. ...

Since Russell's starring turn in 'Get Him to the Greek', we've been listening to the top tunes from Infant Sorrow.  Daniel's True Love tune is surely tuggin on the heartstring, a real mellow tune by the Gorillaz latest release, with an ace video to boot.  Henry VIII is surely a riddicculous track, but so's Nick's taste in music.  And finally... Soul Asylum's brilliant track with snaps from Kevin Smith's filmography.

  So enjoy the list!


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You got to check out this place, it has some wicked T-shirt sales at the moment, fantastic place for the urban chicks and guys out there.

Check out the website!


So how did it all begin?  Well it was The Ray Peacock podcast that took the first shot.  Ray claimed on air that theicepodcast 'stole' their show.  Luke retorted asking the question; "What the hell is the Rapey-Cock Podcast?" 

Now the war commences, who will win?  Well there's one girl whose willing to report on the deadly frontline and that is: Christine Crookall.  Christine is Chris's twin sister and she's planning on being 'hands on' (oh aye!) with this deadly confrontation.  So join Christine on theicepodcast as she gives weekly updates from the frontline.  Check her out debuting in this recent show:
The Ice - The Podcast War Begins! (061)
As the war rages on...
Musician James Perry announced on his Twitter that he's giving 100% profit for the release of his album 'Now You're Gone' to Haiti.

James said: Pick up my album from CDBaby. They'll donate $1 to quake relief , and I'll donate 100% of my share. cdbaby.com/cd/jamesperry

James can be heard talking about his new release on the next episode of theicepodcast.

The brand new theiceplayer is here, click on an episode and listen to the latest episodes from theicepodcast.