The Government steals children

Be carefull what you call your children. If a goverment pen pusher does not like the name you chose for your offspring they will send the police to rip your kids from there home.

Remember the family in New Jersey who called there little boy Adolf Hitler?

"Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters, Joyce Lynn Arian Nation, one years old and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, 8 months, were taken from the family home, police confirmed"

Here is the important bit -

"They (The Police) said they had NOT received any reports of abuse or reason has yet been given for their removal"

Where will this end?
If the state can come and take your children form you with out giving a reason are you free?
This is real political correctness gone mad.
Joseph Stalin would be proud
Your living in a police state no just in the US but all over the western world.

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