The Wrestler Comes Alive!...Maybe?

Rourke is heading to Wrestlemania!!!
Mickey Rourke's performance in Darren Aronofsky's fourth feature film 'The Wrestler has gained Golden Globe wins and Oscar nominations.  However, it isn't just the film industry praising the success of Rourke but also the wrestling world.  WWE have shown great interest in Rourke's participation in the forthcoming Wrestlemania 25 at Texas on April 5th.  Surprisingly Rourke has claimed with 'Access Hollywood' that he is all up for Wrestlemania, that legend Ric Flair is training him and his target is former champion and top heel Chris Jericho.

Rourke states "So come Wrestlemania 25 in Houston, I’m going to toss him around the ring like tossed salad. Chris Jericho, you better get in shape”.  Jericho replied the following night on Raw; “You are out of line. It’s one thing to play a wrestler in a movie, something entirely different to actually be one. Your comments offended me. You made a mistake. It’s the last thing that you and Ric Flair want to do, and that’s offend Chris Jericho.”For wrestling fans Wrestlemania 25 is already shaping into a huge event, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is rumored to wrestle his final match as he heads into WWE's own Hall of Fame the night before in Houston, Texas.

On the 29th of January...

A spokeswoman for actor
Mickey Rourke says he won't be taking his role as a professional wrestler into a real-life ring after all.

Paula Woods told The Associated Press on Wednesday night that Rourke will not wrestle WWE superstar Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 25 in April at Houston's Reliant Stadium.

Woods wrote in an e-mail that the Oscar-nominated actor "will not be participating in Wrestlemania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.

On the 30th of January...

Vince McMahon announces Rourke will be at Wrestlemania.
"I am pleased that Mickey Rourke will be in attendance at WrestleMania to support the WWE Superstars who support him and the film in which he stars, The Wrestler."

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