Tim So Fucking Rocks!

Well, well, well Tim Minchin has made a big splash in the UK since appearing on the scene, his latest DVD release 'So F***ing Rock' is being sold in all major HMV stores in the UK.  Minchin from Australia, is a musical comedian, he will spends hours at the piano, mixing stand-up with set pieces, Minchin, whose musical comedy show could be likened to that of Bill Bailey,  has a very dark sense of humour.  In fact in one segment he explains how it is his wife's sick sense of humour that has affected his comedy, Minchin wins the audience around with his observational comedy stand-up and his daft songs, including a peace anthem for Palestine.

The Chortle UK has reviewed the DVD and states "Minchin’s knowing lyrics and fine musicianship make him a modern-day Noel Coward, and So Fucking Rock contains a number of his greatest hits - such as Canvas Bag, Inflatable You and Rock N Roll Nerd." 

The Chortle end their review stating; "the outstanding musical numbers will surely give this DVD, released exclusively through HMV, a shelf life beyond the comedy. "

theicepodcast certainly back Minchin all the way, in fact check out some of his videos below, they really do F'king Rock!

'Inflatable You'

Rock 'n' Roll Nerd


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