So how did it all begin?  Well it was The Ray Peacock podcast that took the first shot.  Ray claimed on air that theicepodcast 'stole' their show.  Luke retorted asking the question; "What the hell is the Rapey-Cock Podcast?" 

Now the war commences, who will win?  Well there's one girl whose willing to report on the deadly frontline and that is: Christine Crookall.  Christine is Chris's twin sister and she's planning on being 'hands on' (oh aye!) with this deadly confrontation.  So join Christine on theicepodcast as she gives weekly updates from the frontline.  Check her out debuting in this recent show:
The Ice - The Podcast War Begins! (061)
As the war rages on...
3/23/2011 01:43:39 pm

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