theicepodcast is a comedy podcast formed in 2008 by broadcasters Nick Jackson, Luke Wall-E and actor Chris Crookall.

theicepodcast, which is spelt as one word, has helped the hosts receive much praise for their broadcasting skills. The Podcast Place said "They do a very good job at what they do...I liked them!"[1] Their interview series has also garnered wide appeal, Anne is a Man reviews theicepodcast meets...Matt Adams (062) "In a very natural and accessible way we get to know the project of Improv Everywhere in which Matt Adams is part of."[2] Which in the episode the hosts don't shy away from discussing the negative publicity that the group got from fellow podcast This American Life[3]. theicepodcast have interviewed musicians, podcasters and new media stars and have had the pleasure of interviewing Podcasting pioneer Coverville's Brian Ibbott. The show has often been likened to The Ricky Gervais Show.[4]

Theicepodcast focuses on strange new stories as well as much fun and banter between the hosts. Many segments have been introduced to the show over the years and have become a signature of the show.

Chris's Strange News Chris usually delves into the latest and strangest news around the world, the most popular about a gentleman who celebrated Christmas every day, a shop lifter caught sniffing the rear ends of unsuspecting shoppers as well as being the first to discuss Cooking with Balls by Ljubomir Erovic, the world's first 'testicle cookery book'.

Would You Rather? Often Nick gives two different lifestyles as odd as one another and fellow hosts must decide which would be their preferred choice. An iconic Would You Rather included: Having one huge eyeball in your chest or twenty little eyeballs around your head, in which Nick replied "I'd choose eyeballs in the head, because if I had a huge eyeball in my chest my shirt would be open and I'd get pretty cold."

Ghost Stories Another comedy segment, in which Luke and Nick pull apart in the inaccuracies in Chris' Ghost Stories. The most well known about a 'Spooky Jukebox' which predicted punters deaths. If 'Twist Again' by Chuck Berry came on the landlady's death would be twisting her ankle on a cliff and falling off. If 'Walk Through The Fire' by Peter Gabriel played for a punter they'd die in a horrible fire, therefore Chris explains the final song the spooky Jukebox played was Abba's 'Thank-you For The Music', just before the haunted jukebox was destroyed.[5]

Luke's Moo-vie Reviews With no real experience in film criticism, like regular moviegoers, the guys discuss the latest flicks. The extra 'moo' in the title of the segment was introduced back in 2008, after weeks of Luke building up to doing his first movie review, on recording the jingle, he stuttered with excitement and since the title of the segment has remained 'Moo-vie Review'.

Nick, Hide Your Dick A segment with the best tips to hide an errection, an usual, humorous and bizarre segment rarely featured.

Little Known Facts Like the jingle says 'Little Known Facts, Fact you didn't know...or didn't care to know" and that is exactly the segment. Occasionally Chris will tell the other hosts facts that are not only very known, but very well known. In the past some include 'The Hawaiian Alphabet has only 12 letters...the Hawaiian Pizza has only two toppings.'

Ridiculous Riddles A segment full of riddles, often use for listener competitions.

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